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What is Ultrain-Main Chain?
Ultrain is a technology company dedicated to the development of the next generation blockchain public chain. Through the innovative breakthrough of cryptography, the super brain chain completely solves the performance problem that plagues the traditional blockchain public chain, which is greatly improved compared with the traditional blockchain public chain performance and transaction confirmation speed. With a significant performance-based increase and a significant cost reduction, Hyper Brain Chain, as the infrastructure for blockchain value calculation, can effectively support large-scale business application scenarios, provide trust-based computing services, and broadly empower financial services. Sharing economic, medical, retail, logistics, media and entertainment industries; can also support disruptive innovation in industries such as intermediary transactions. Ultrain Super Brain Chain is committed to promoting the blockchain technology in the global industry chain and promoting the future of the programmable business community.
Ultrain-Main Chain Explorer has gone offline. For historical data, please submit feedback.
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